You know as much as I know this platform could possibly be dying, I can’t help but post here. I really hope this platform stays. It’s such an organic group! Really hoping the petition sways Desmond’s mind of closing down Dayre.

I tried WordPress but it’s just different leh. It doesn’t feel like Dayre. I can’t word vomit like I do on Dayre. The interaction feels different.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and spend the rest of the week with you(:


Dusting that layer of dust off

Wow. WordPress. I came in here and realised my last post was in 2014. That’s how long it’s been! Here we are again but I sure hope this works out (: no more stickers, but I sure am interested to see the community grow here!

This is me tonight, when he asked me out for 14 Feb. 😍 knowing that he knows I’ll be free that day for him but he still made an effort to ask me out that day puts a big smile on my face (: I hope we never lose this spark. Thank you, for being the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hello Dayre! Here’s my feeble attempt to do a blogpost because I do miss writing my updates here. I’m here tonight because I’m sick and I might as well do an update. Haven’t had the most happening week so let’s backtrack a bit and see what we can write about shall we? Apologies for the mish mash ahead!

So this year I started lifting! The boy introduced me to lifting and boy oh boy do I love that adrenaline rush when you’re trying to lift em weights. This is my attempt at being healthier because I still want to lose somemore weight. Haha!

Went for a blood donation drive with my Sister on a Saturday since I wasn’t working. Came home and took a picture with the dad.

And sent this to the mum who wasn’t home.

Also succumbed to colourpop sometime in nov or Dec and bought my last batch of makeup for awhile! I’m trying to ban myself from buying makeup and that was my last batch! This highlighter is gorgeousssss.

And so is this blush! I bought two more liquid lippies but I guess that’ll be an ootd for another day like CNY perhaps?

That day we randomly went dating and had dinner at Fat Cat. Not the ice cream place but the legit dining place at Orchard central. Was it ASTRAY? Hmm. But this wagyu beef bowl was gooooood. It’s an atas version of claypot rice.

Then we went off to Flash bang to look see look see.

This was THE BOMB at fat cat. Salted egg calamari. Worth every. Penny.

More beef because 🤤 I love the ginger foam but the boy hated it. There are a few things he doesn’t eat and ginger is one of them.

This was bundung cocktail I think. Really good. But the butter beer was better which for some reason I didn’t have a picture of.

Sooooo I’m almost done with the week. Almost. Except it’s 9am (only?!) and its a while before I can end work. But I can do this. I can do this. 💪🏻♥️

So the gluttons in us went for this crystal hotpot buffet last weekend cos rain and it was SO GOOD. Pity I was kinda full when we went there but the food was superb. Loved the soup and the food! Love it even more eating it while it was raining. Haha!

Some tanuki raw lovin’ last Friday but in all honesty, I feel like the standard dropped ): still loved the unagi but it makes me miss man man so much.

Yakinuku bowl with fresh truffle 🐄

Still thankful that I lucked out this year in terms of class, but I am still tired because, there’s never a foolproof super smooth sailing kinda work I guess. But still. Counting my blessings that I am able to do this and counting my blessings that this will be easier than last year.

Why is it that when I feel stressed I just want to buy makeup?